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Nurturing mothers for a brighter tomorrow


Our Mommy Matters wraparound service is a multidisciplinary outpatient maternal, infant, and family support initiative. We provide mental and physical health care for pregnant women and their families. We seek to increase positive birth experiences, birth outcomes, and healthier families in communities.


Mommy Matters focuses on the mental and physical health of pregnant women and their families. Our mission is to increase outreach efforts to destigmatize mental health issues and increase positive birthing experiences and birth outcomes, all of which lead to healthier families in communities of color.

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Our goal is to:

  • Address healthcare deficiencies for women of color who are pregnant.
  • Address mental health issues for women of color both prior to and after giving birth.
  • Destigmatize mental health issues for women of color who are pregnant.
  • Address other issues that can affect a family’s mental health, such as food insecurity, family violence, substance abuse, and housing insecurity.
  • Address the lack of resources for parenting advice in the community.
  • Address mental health and poverty-related issues that affect women of color and their families.


  • Birthing Education with Doula
  • Early Childhood Education with Doula
  • Wellness Routine Building with Occupational Therapist
  • Therapy Services with Mental Health Therapist
  • Holistic Treatments
  • Yoga Classes
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Our partners – Who Serves & How

Doulas and Mental Health Professionals (MHP) will work closely with each family to help them understand the changes taking place for the mother and child, and what can be expected. Once the child is born, the Doula will work with the new mother on various postpartum issues and works with the family in-person to better monitor the family’s health. The MHP will provide counseling, therapy, and will be in weekly contact through a combination of telehelath video conferencing and in-person visits.

Support – Weekly Conversations & Gatherings

The Support Squad works closely with the client and family during pregnancy and for a period of twelve months following the birth. Afterwards, the Support Squad checks in periodically for one year to make sure the client and her children are thriving.

The Support Squad, with its wraparound services, offers a village mentality to build trust over the long term that will help client families seeks and follow-through on medical and mental health treatments. Care will be provided through a combination of in-person visits, phone calls, and telehealth facilitated face-to-face talks.

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Mommy Matters Referral Process

Mommy Matters aims to increase access to maternal health care and improve birthing and parenting experiences for healthier families.

Eligible clients must meet 3 out of the 6 criteria to qualify:

  1. is pregnant
  2. has given birth within past 24 months
  3. is parenting a child that is 0-5 years old
  4. is a child, adolescent or adult that resides with an expecting mother or a mother of a child 0-5 years old
  5. assessment scores meets identified at-risk range
  6. a MHP provider recommends participation


Are you a mother or have a family member in your home that is expecting a child?
Do you think your family may benefit from a support squad that includes a doula, a mental health provider and a case manager?


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