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Empowering Black communities for holistic well-being and opportunity
The Black Mental Health Task Force is our dedicated effort to empower individuals within the Black and African Heritage communities. Through advocacy and the implementation of policy reforms, we strive to ensure that these communities have access to culturally sensitive and fair opportunities in areas such as housing, mental and physical healthcare, education, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, and employment.
Our mission is to break down barriers and create a more inclusive, equitable society where all members of the Black and African Heritage communities have the resources and support they need to thrive in various aspects of life.
The Black Mental Health Task Force is working to find rules, plans, help, and friends that can help us share, teach, and work together better to remove the shame from discussing and getting help for mental health. We are focused on helping Black Americans, Black Immigrants from Africa, people of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean, and any other group that considers themselves to be of Black and African heritage. We want to improve the overall health of people who identify as Black or African heritage by addressing the harmful effects of racism in healthcare and education on their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
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